3 Indian Guys Tell You What ‘Girly’ Drinks Are All About!

What do you think happens when you make a bunch of scotch-lovin’, beer-drinking desi guys-next-door try out something they never expected in their wildest dreams?

Drinks they perceive as ‘girly’ and feminine and that too WITHOUT any chakhna!
*shudder shudder*

A totally bonkers bananas session follows!!



For our very first video, we decided to crank up the crazy! And that can only happen when you throw people 1700 miles out of their comfort zone. We chose the guys on how avidly they loved their Scotch, beer or hard liquor – ‘on the rocks’ (to sprinkle some extra masculinity) and asked them to review cocktails quintessentially branded as ‘girly’.
What followed were side-splitting laughter and some amazing insights into the mind of the characteristic Indian male drinker.

I mean, who knew a Cosmopolitan could ever be described as a ‘D Cold’?!


Or a guy could totally nail a Cosmo reference to ‘Sex & the City’?  Well, that’s just for starters!


There were some of the usual suspects too. Anything pink, sweet and decorative (Yes, even the necessary stirrer wasn’t spared), the estrogen ranking totally broke the guys’ charts!


Poor Pina Colada in all its beach-worship sexy glory


was called names to the tune of –

sweet vomit’,


Horrible, absolutely horrible.’


… This is just the beginning. Yes, there’s more. Unleashing the Drinkstainment Gods!

Watch out for the full video on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! 🙂

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