Angels In My Kitchen, Salad Chef and More! CCI Brings You The Top 5 Joints in Vasant Vihar That You Must Not Miss!


Known as the colony of diplomats and ex-civil servants, Vasant Vihar has always had a shortage of activities for the youth. Yes, the colony has numerous parks and is still considered one of the poshest places to live in the country, but the snobbish bratty crowd amongst the young is often the reason why they’re unpopular everywhere else. However, things have changed in the last few years and we at Cocktail Crew India are here to tell you how. From fancy bakeries to hidden bars, the new joints that have taken over the local markets in VV have given this age-old colony a new lease of life.


1. Bread and More

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard of the infamous French Cafe-Bistro concept, originally started by the Kwality group, and neither is it the first time that this franchise has come to Vasant Vihar! The earlier outlet was at the Vasant Vihar Club, right next to the swimming pool.

However, now it has a new entity altogether on the backside of C-Block Market. Cold Coffee for 120 bucks wasn’t quite worth it, but some of their cakes and quiches are fantastic.
The store personnel do admit they get more expat crowd than the locals, but for them it’s all the same.

If baked goodies are your thing, hit this place up in Vasant Vihar market for a quick bite!

2. Salad Chef


One of the oldest establishments in C-Block Market, Vasant Vihar and co-incidentally also located on the back side (near Mother Dairy) is Salad Chef. Their salads and sandwiches are made fresh from ingredients sourced daily. This establishment has been the safe haven for many a student of Modern School, Vasant Vihar to the working crowd of the market as well as the retired fauji who prefers getting a fresh meal delivered to his doorstep rather than going out shopping for ingredients. ‘Eat Healthy, Live Healthy’ is the motto they stand for here.


3. The Pint-Room


Located on the roof-top terrace in D-Block is The Pint Room. With multiple LCDs, a full size foosball table and a patio-like open air structure it’s a good place to spend a breezy evening. The pizzas are good menu choice. In drinks, beer is the standard beverage and with their variety in the area you won’t want to be entertained with anything else.

Just below The Pint Room is Big-Wong, so if you prefer Chinese, feel free to walk in and place a take-away order while you’re enjoying your drink. It is just a flight of stairs away.


4. PCO


A unique concept which is pretty uncommon to see in Delhi, PCO stands for ‘Pass-Code Only’. This exclusive bar till most recently was kept pretty hush-hush by the founders. You could only get in if you had the 4-digit code required at the door. Bribing the doorman won’t get you in because there isn’t one! Divided into the basement and the first floor, PCO was an establishment catering to a very select clientele. It’s still managed to remain that way but now the numbers have reduced drastically. What was once a jam packed Saturday night scene is now a sparsely driven evening. Still if you enjoy good jazz music and your privacy its one of the best places in the city to enjoy your old-fashioned in peace.


5. Perch

Newly opened at Basant Lok Market right next to Modern Bazaar is ‘Perch’. Now most of you might have heard of ‘Perch’ at Khan Market, if at all you have heard of it. Well, rest assured for this is part of the same chain. It is a fine establishment whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a hearty meal. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Perch is well rounded and offers alcoholic beverages too. The staff is well experienced and ever willing to assist. If you haven’t yet, I would definitely recommend you try this joint at least once. After your ‘Perch’ experience, feel free to ‘Tweet’ about it on our social media page.


Other notable mentions –


Golden Dragon Restaurant, C-Block Market

Large quantities, soul-filling Chinese food and good value for money.


Angels in My Kitchen, E-Block Market

Recently opened; definitely try their Belgian Evasion Cake! One of the best places to indulge your sweet tooth, when in Vasant Vihar!

Arabian Nights, Basant Lok Market

Still serves the best Shawarmas in town. **25 Years**


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