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Our Bloggers

  • KaamCorona
    Guest Blogger
    Anirudh Vasdev a.k.a. 'KaamCorona' is an energetic, versatile creative person with exposure into the worlds of business, journalism and literature. He enjoys watching movies, playing squash, trekking and traveling. A Delhi boy, he discovered his passion of writing in his early days whilst at St. Columba's School & pursued at Hansraj College publishing his first book at the young age of 17.
  • The Crew
    The Crew
    We are mad. We are crazy. And we WILL steal your drinks when you aren't looking. We are The Crew! Cocktail Crew India's in-house editorial team, reviewing drinks, coming up with all the latest news, covering all the coolest, most hip events around the city. We. Love. Drinks
  • Karan Singh
    Drinks & Lifestyle Expert
    Karan is one of Cocktail Crew India's top contributors - writing on a variety of topics from drinks du jour to getting your date game on point! His tickle-your-funnybone style of writing makes you roll off your chair more than a couple of times. So keep those cushions handy! :P
  • Achita Goswami
    I am someone who LOVES tandoori momos, cakes, coffee, butter chicken, donuts, pizzas, cosmopolitans, sex on the beaches, whisky sours …basically all things fantastic, miles away from breaks-ups, job-loss, hunts or failures of any kind because I’m hungry all the time! Hungry and passionate for food, cocktails, travel, shopping, laughter, rejuvenation or being my sassy best. Give me free Wi-fi, a bottle of wine and I’ll be happy to dance on the Mars too. Words are my weapon of mass destruction. I love to read bundles of newspapers, magazines yet I’m no Einstein !
  • Shonali Singh
    Avid foodie, gym-freak and self-proclaimed mother to all dogs on the planet, Shonali is an editor @TheCrew. She loves to write about all things under the sun, be a grammar nazi and get under people's skin and be the friendly neighbourhood Miss Know-it-All. She also has a degree in fluent Sarcasm.