Gurgaon’s Battle of the Breweries! Which Is Your Favourite Microbrewery?

Friday night at the pub is so yesterday now. The trends have begun shifting with people wanting to experiment with newer ways of recreation. Of course, alcohol still remains central to ‘fun’, which is why whether you go bowling at Blu-O or Karaoke at Harry’s (Khan Market) a pint of beer and shot glasses are always involved! Another tradition that has made its place into the set-up is microbreweries. Promising freshly brewed beer to keep your taste-buds tingling, they have become Gurgaon’s new attraction.

It all started with Rockman’s Beer Island in the Ambience Mall but now Sector 29 is the place to be. This past weekend, we at Cocktail Crew India checked out a few of them, in particular –

Now the standard 3 different kinds that you get across all of them are your usual – Premium, Wheat and Dark Beer. Each establishment serves them slightly different with their own ‘secret’ ingredients mixed in, but hey, this is beer not juice. After two beers, who cares much about the taste anyway right?

So rather than simply tell you about the beer, we’re also going to tell you what’s unique about the joints –


  1. The Addams House

If you were a fan of ‘The Addams Family’ growing up then ‘Addams House’ is the place to be. The fancy decor along with the beautiful artwork will make you believe that Uncle Fester is hosting!

Even though their variety of freshly brewed beer is limited, Brewmaster Chandra Naik takes great pride in what he serves.

Addams Brewery menu


Beer sampler


Seating and interiors


Themed interiors


Insights about the brews


  1. Walking Street

If it’s variety of beer you’re looking for, be sure to check out Walking Street. With 6 different types of in-house beer, they top our list. Free samplers are available for all who want them so be sure to order one before you choose which one appeals to you best. Their newly introduced Honey Wheat Beer that has been introduced in place of their KO Samui Red is unique and unavailable anywhere else among the competition.

Walking Street menu

Walking Street Beer sampler

But apart from good tasting and good variety they are the complete package with an in-house pool table, X-box, Foosball Table and multiple LCDs to watch those football/cricket matches when on air. Walking Street was definitely high on the recommendation scale.

Cosy interiors with LCD screens


  1. Agent Jacks 

    While decor and variety are endearing, for the realists out there whose favourite question is ‘How Much?’ and whose favourite ad is the Maruti Suzuki one where the question ‘Kitna deti hai?’ is repeated, Agent Jacks is where you belong. These guys have come up with an interesting twist on the popular ‘bar exchange’ concept, with customer’s pitching for the price they want to pay BUT via their mobile app.

    Dimly lit interiors

So even if Old Monk is Rs. 90 at the theka, you could get it for Rs. 55 here. How it works is simple, the ‘beer-exchange’ shows you the current price range of bidding. You bid your price, if your bid is unmatched Agent Jacks accepts your price and voila! With an in-house DJ this place has lines longer than a sarkari daftar on Friday/Sat evenings. They do however have delusions of grandeur that they’re the only ones with this concept.

Agent Jacks bar

The Agent Jack’s bid board


  1. Bronx Brewery & Beer Exchange 

    With 4 types of different beers, an active beer exchange and a multi-cuisine menu Bronx Brewery & Beer Exchange are the best of both worlds. ‘Good food, good drinks & good service is our motto here’ says Assistant Restaurant Manager Praveen Lochab and that’s exactly what you get. With good music and an in-house projector for those IPL Match nights, they give you a classic pub feel.Bronx Brewery Exchange Rate board

    Bronx Brewery beer sampler 

    Bronx Brewery & Beer Exchange interiors

(Opened by their neighbour ‘Downtown Cafe Brewery’ Bronx seems to be a much better establishment than their forerunner)


  1. Downtown Cafe Brewery 

    Downtown Cafe Brewery is amongst the oldest in this market. While they serve the usual three varieties, their standard seems to have gone down now. The beer tastes average and the food is nothing spectacular. They seem to have lost the lustre they once had and could use some serious reinventing.

    Dowtown’s bar 

    Downtown beer sampler 

    Downtown interiors and seating

    Brewery entrance

That being said, being the first has its privileges for their clientele doesn’t seem to have taken a hit.

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Join the Crew, keep cocktailin’!

These are few of the best microbreweries in Sector 29, Gurgaon! Do they feature in your top 10 best freshly brewed beer joints?


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