Indian Girls React To Strong Beer

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune will go and splurge it on a beer. Okay, maybe Jane Austen didn’t write it like that, but hey it’s a fact nonetheless. Guys love beer, (the jiggling bellies prove it!) but do girls too?

How much of affinity does the mighty brew hold in the hearts of the Indian lass?

Cocktail Crew India, got together a bunch of girls – all having varied tastes to try out some super strong beer – Haywards 5000 to be exact! Yes, that’s a beer that can shake even the highly testosterone-fueled, but boy! did our girls kick up some never-seen-before insights!

Beer-enthusiast and blogger, Ritu, defended the men’s equal rights to order cocktails, but equally dismissed saying that she’d never go through the hassle of choosing one for herself.


To all the guys reading this: A lot of insight available right here into what women think about you when you order a beer versus when you order a scotch.

Also the gorilla-esque bar brawls that ensue over trivialities; the girls found a good way to ice that cringing Indian ‘macho’.

‘If I was guy, I’d probably want to abuse someone or hit someone in the face.’



‘Beer is like water for them. They can have gallons and gallons of it.’


P.s: The burns-recovery ward shall be taking patients shortly.

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