Indian Girls Tell Us All About Scotch (AND The Men Who Drink It!)

For some it is a symbol of masculinity and the ‘it’ preference of spirits connoisseurs; for some it’s a leg-up into a different league of achievers while for others it’s JUST good ol’ scotch! Whatever may be the reasons to drink we all can agree that the underlying impression is ‘premium and exclusive’.

The second in the series of ‘girls-trying-‘manly’-drinks’, Cocktail Crew India got together a gang of drink-happy women bloggers who gave amazing insights on unraveling this alleged male-centric spirit – Scotch!

But whoa whoa… hold your horses! It’s not over yet. The girls provided us a guided tour into their world of how they perceive men who order scotch vis a vis those who don’t or worse…*lowers voice* those who order cocktails!

(No spoilers here, go watch the video! 😉 )

How the spirits AND F&B industry do not understand the importance and relevance of the woman customer is something that our spirited spirit-loving girls pointed in the face. The girls raised some pretty serious questions in the most ROFL manner that kinda leaves your facial muscles confused!


“When they order beer versus when they order scotch. You should note their expressions

“With girls, if they’re out on a date or something they would DEFINITELY order a Scotch on the rocks”


“Scotch is like a winter drink for me. Summers mein it’s more of…cocktails”


“We all are bhukkad and piyakkad both!”
 exclaims ‘Teekhi Mirchee’ Radhika Agarwal when posed the why-girls-get-the-food-menu-always spinner. And boy, do the girls get the flames up!

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Join the Crew, keep cocktailin’!

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