Simple and Easy Mojito Recipe!

No cocktail menu is complete if it doesn’t have the fundamental go-to cocktail – The Mojito!

Rose, Apple, Virgin or the classic rum, the Mojito has a pleasant summer vibe that goes with all personalities and moods and that’s why it’s such a crowd-favourite!

So mix up a batch, muddle a few mint leaves, serve it up in a patterned Collins glass – and watch your friends jaws drop to the floor and into the basement!


1 1/2 oz White rum
6 leaves of Mint
Soda Water
1 oz Fresh lime juice
2 teaspoons Sugar



  1. Muddle up mint springs, lime juice and sugar.
  1. Add the white rum and swirl in the soda water
  1. Garnish with mint leaves and serve with a colored straw

*(For you hardwork shirking cheaters: add a dash of mint-mojito syrup) for added flavor. Purely optional! 😉


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