This Summer Unleash the ‘Desi’ In You With Some Good ol’ Mother Dairy Tadka Chach!

Indian summers have always been relentless and cruel – much like the hairy 70’s villain who wouldn’t leave the ‘abla’ heroine alone even ‘bhagwaan ke liye’.  And now with the constant mercury rise-sparse showers cat-and-mouse game, we’re in for some serious weather crappola dropping on us.  So on one such blazing hot sloooooow day, I decided I was sick of the office’s GBLVM (Generic Brown Liquid Vending Machine) and needed a change.  A flight of stairs and a 10-step walk landed me in front of the kiraana store downstairs.

Mindlessly searching for the meaning of life and something worthwhile to drink, my eyes rested on this little delight!


PC: Mother Dairy

Although there were the fridge regulars- Tropicana juices, milkshakes, cold coffee and whatnots I was sick of the usual fare and decided what the heck, let’s give this green guy a shot.  Plus the cumulative voices in my head (read: my mother and gym trainer) nodded in sanskaari assent, so here we are.


Mother Dairy Tadka Chach Review: The Downlow

Looks: 7/10

Mother Dairy Tadka Chach


The pack actually looks pretty adorable if you think about it. Nice soft green, cute patterns and the quintessential Punjab dahi-mattha shot of overflowing liquid from that chach-making thingy. Add some sarson ke khet and slo-mo flying dupattas and voila – We’re in a Bollywood masala movie!

P.s The curved body actually makes for a slip-free holding. Great, absolutely great for a klutz such as yours truly.  Thank you, Mother Dairy for this. Brownie points. :’)

Taste: 8/10

This is where the cuteness ends and some mad flavours take over! Dude, there’s ginger, green chillies and whatnot in it and guess what? You can taste all of it as if it’s freshly churned!

The first hit is a bit bitter if you drink it straight out of the fridge. My suggestion, let it sit for a couple of minutes before and then go for it, warrior.

The masala sits right at the bottom so give the bottle a good shake for even flavor and masala distribution. And one thing that you note straight off, is that Mother Dairy has the MOTHER part right on! No diluted nonsense for you, no sirree. The chach is thick and creamy, and if you have a doofus side like me, you can make some pretty serious chaach moustaches with this one! Word.

All in all, I’m glad I made the trip downstairs, giving my over-caffeinated body the much needed break. (Cue: my family doctor shedding tears of joy)

Chach, chaas, or mattha as it’s called in north India is like those severely underrated cousins of yours who you laugh at and who then pull a Sundar Pichai on you in life. So chill the desi way, try out some mouthwatering Mother Dairy tadka chach, because the day is not gonna get any faster. But you can be chill enough to handle it!

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