Top 10 Indian Chakhnas That You Can Make In A Jiffy!

Booze, shots, alcohol, pegs- like God, it had many names. And like God, our life seems to incomplete without it. But even the greatest superheroes need sidekicks. Batman has Robin; booze has chakhna. But of course, salted peanuts become a buzzkill before long.
So here are some of the best chakhnas you should defffwith a firangi twist:


Fish fingers

Fish look adorable under water; they look even better on a platter. Fish fingers remain one of the most popular finger food, and for all the right reasons! With hardly 10 min of prep time and the uncanny ability to taste good with just about any sauce under the sun, fish fingers are life! Just serve them alongside your favorite scotch and enjoy a magical night!



Chicken Wings

Colonel Sanders probably meant this when he said “finger-lickin’ good”. This delicious dish has been a long soulmate for beer; trust me when I say this: alcohol is not alcohol without chicken wings.

Imagine – bbq sauce laden juicy chicken wings arriving on a sizzling platter with your chilled barmy beer! If that didn’t make your tastebuds go into overdrive, you’re not a hooman!


Chana Zor Garam Chaat

You can travel across the world, but nothing beats going desi! Chana Zor Garam Chaat is one such dish, whose inherent lip-smacking flavor is infused with a twist. An assortment of fresh salad along with our favorite chana, this chakhna will make your vodka taste better than you could imagine.

Plus who doesn’t know about the eternal match made in heaven – citrusy fresh lemon and vodka?


 Chatpata Papad Cone

Speaking of desi, we have another dish in the house that gives you the best of the street food. Terribly easy to prepare and yet having a tempting taste, this dish is best served with beer and vodka. Because we need something special in our lives.


Veg Crispy

In an unfair world of chakhna options where the meat-lovers rule the roost, Veg Crispy is the savior of our vegetarian boozies. How such a simple dish with such plain ingredients is so mouth-watering makes us believe in miracles! Beer, whiskey or rum; this humble dish is the perfect companion.


Peri Peri Paneer

Paneer, that glorious form of milk that is the revered like royalty in the vegetarian world. Like chocolate, nothing can go wrong if you put paneer in it. The variations are neigh infinite, and it is not exactly a surprise that paneer serves as an excellent chakhna. The Peri Peri paneer is a wonderful take on the traditional food item, transforming it into a classy Latin-American dish. Hardly takes 15 min to prepare and the spicy flavor is especially magical with a Gin and Tonic.


Chilli Cheese Toast

We all love simple things, things that that hardly any efforts to make and are yet utterly delicious. So it is not a surprise that the Mumbai Chilli Cheese Toast is our favorite, because it infuses the spiciness of chilli with the dominant flavor of ginger. Add to that the crispiness of the toast and the heavenly thing that is cheese, and you have a perfect sidekick to your drink.


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

If the gates of heaven opened for me only if I could answer “what is better than cheese”, I swear I would remain outside for the rest of my eternal afterlife. Nothing beats the flavor of cheese, except one thing: MORE cheese. Mozzarella cheese sticks are simple and convenient to make, while hardly taking 20min of your time. But the end product is a direct gift from heavens. After enough whiskey, the most suitable drink here, you will be tempted to get down on your knees and propose to these cheese sticks.

A worthy choice, my friend.


Kurkure Cheese Fusion

We love our kurkure, we love cheese and we love booze. It is only surprising why no one thought of this divine combination before. Perhaps the simplest dish on the planet (just a bag of kurkure coated with some melted mozzarella cheese), this fusion will bring a naughty twist to your whiskey. Don’t take my word, try it.


Prawn Varuval

You thought only fish and chicken tasted good with booze? Wait till you try this gift from foodie heaven – Prawn Varuval maybe a traditional dish, but its lip-smacking taste is free from any restrictions. The effort to make it is totally worth it, and will be completely forgotten while having it alongside wine, champagne or beer. Thank me later.


Ask the expert

“We usually try being innovative with the snacks served along with the drinks, because chakhna is something people don’t put much mind into choosing; yet, it could solely determine the drinking experience. As such, we categorize the snacks as per the occasion- from graduation beer party to formal date dinners. The customers usually love this.”

– Salman Pathan, Demi-Chef, Antara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, Oman


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